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Hi everyone! :3

I got the Etude House Face Conditioning Cream and I absolutely give three Stars for this product.
At first I thought it would be like a Primer, sunblock or a Moisturizer but it is completely different. (When i said different, i mean this product kinda have it all.)

I use this cream after my daily routine and based on my personal experience i find that this cream helps me have a pinkish color and its a good thing on my condition because i have a very pale skin.
It helps me have color on my face even without makeup.
(it gives me a little glow to my skin)

Basically I don’t put makeup most of the time but I still use this cream and it keeps my face pretty much flawless.
(like a porcelain or a doll face or something)

And those times when i wear makeup with this product i find that it works like a primer, long story short, my makeup lasts longer plus it gives me the feeling of softer face. Though this product is not very moisturizing, I just don’t care since i have moisturizer on my daily routine so I don’t know which gives me the softer feeling though. :p

I notice too that this product will go flakey and clump up on my face when I use a little too much so a little bit goes a long way so use only small amount at a time.
It is a little thick at first so you have to carefully work it in a little bit.

I hate products that makes me feel my face sticky so i thought this Face Conditioning Cream will make me have that feeling since its a conditioner but, even not. Having this product on my face in a whole day, I didn’t feel any stickiness at all, just don’t put too much like I said.

It is said that this Product is a;
Whitening - Anti Wrinkle -Balancing

Whitening - I cannot comment on the long-term whitening properties because i don’t use it daily (I only use this product when i kinda feel like using it and i use other products as well, so I am not sure which of which products gives me the whitening effect in a long run) but it does brighten my skin on applying.
It has a medium sun protection (SPF 25, PA++)
The cream is pearly white in color.
It has a delicate floral and relaxing smell. (Very Pleasant Aroma)

Anti Wrinkle - No Comment
(I am not sure about the anti-wrinkle effect of this product because I am not yet on the wrinkle appearing stage.) but it maybe helps since it has anti-wrinkle properties.

Balancing - Everytime I use this product, It simply balance and condition my face after all the other products and makeups i put on my face. In other word it auto correct my color like a CCcream.

Overall, this product really works for me.

About recommendation; Well all of us have different kinds of skin type.
Products that might works for me might not actually works for you.

I have been in so many trials and errors when it comes to products that works for me. And it is very frustrating when the product that i bought doesn’t works for me while it works for so many other girls out there.

But i notice that Korean products often works for me.

I Hope you enjoyed my ETUDE HOUSE Face Conditioning Cream Review.

However, I am not sure if I’ve been very helpful for you guys. :p
But my review is “very much” my most honest opinion. :3

Thank You! and if you have any question please feel free to ask. (ノ)^ω^(ヾ)
I’ll be glad to response you. (っ´∀`)っ

Have a Good One!

Bye bye!! mhuaaahugz!

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